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Judy Nural, President and Founder of MicrodermaMitt, Inc. introduced the MicrodermaMitt® in late 2004. Her obsession with a means to provide "Smooth and Healthy Skin for Life" along with her product development, consumer research and marketing background, led her to market the ultimate in skin care.

It was while living in Turkey during a "nirvana" Turkish Hammam (Turkish Bath), that she first noticed something so different about the way her skin looked and felt. After being exfoliated from head to toe and washed with pure olive oil soap, not only did it look like she had shed five pounds of dead skin but, "my skin was like a baby's skin, so smooth and radiant, I felt young again." This led her to look for something in the U.S. that emulated these results. Disappointed and frustrated after trying all the latest exfoliating spa treatments and products, she quickly realized there was nothing in the U.S. that came even close to what she had experienced. That is when she decided to bring this unique method of exfoliation home. And she set out to create the experience for herself and others like her - a natural method of deep exfoliation followed by natural olive oil skin care products. Using her 30 years of product development, consumer research and marketing background with major U.S. companies, she researched and tested various products with consumers, and MicrodermaMitt® and Denizia™ were born. With offices in Ohio and Arizona, MicrodermaMitt products are now available at select Medi Spas, Dermatologists, Salons, resorts and bath and body stores.

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MicrodermaMitt, Inc.
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