About Us


Judy Nural, President and Founder of MicrodermaMitt®, Inc. introduced the MicrodermaMitt in 2004. Her obsession with smooth and healthy skin led her to market a modern version of an ancient bathing ritual.

After her first Turkish hammam ritual in1990 she noticed something so drastic about the way her skin looked and felt. The head to toe exfoliation made her feel like she had shed pounds of dead skin and washing afterwards with pure olive oil soap left her skin feeling smooth, silky, and fresh.

Returning to the USA, she was constantly disappointed after trying all the latest exfoliating spa treatments and products. It was obvious there was nothing in the U.S. that even came close to what she had experienced at the Hammam in Turkey. Inspired by this ancient ritual, she decided to recreate this unique method of exfoliation and bring it home. Using her 29+ years of product development and research experience with a major US consumer packaged goods company, she designed, tested and delivered the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience in a line of MicrodermaMitts.

MicrodermaMitt’s 100% Floss Silk fibers combined with their unique and proprietary weave allow you to achieve the deepest level of exfoliation in the shower in just minutes. (Note: often others attempt to replicate the MicrodermaMitt, however using synthetic materials and  requiring soaking in a hot tub of water for 15 minutes prior to exfoliation).