Achieve Healthier Skin with the Best Exfoliating Mitt

Put Your Best Face Forward

Everyone wants to put their best face forward, but the buildup of dead skin cells and dirt may lead to acne and acne breakouts and other skin conditions that cause you not to look or feel your best. Thanks to the best exfoliating mitt, you don’t have to live with skin that appears dull or rough.

The MicrodermaMitt is a revolutionary skin-revitalizing treatment that is not only affordable, but effective and easy to use at home. Through regular exfoliation, you can keep your skin looking healthier, smoother and more radiant, and avoid many skin conditions.

best exfoliating mitt

Maintaining Your Skin

If you’ve tried the traditional exfoliating treatments or any of the latest products, you know they can be harsh on your skin and may not give you the results you were hoping for. Microdermabrasion may penetrate deep into your skin, but leaves your face red and irritated. The best exfoliating mitt on the market, the MircrodermaMitt goes deeper than other treatments, and is less abrasive on your skin, giving you the radiant glow you’re looking for, without leaving your face sensitive and inflamed.

When the MicrodermaMitt gets wet, its fibers swell to grip the dead skin cells. The gentle abrasion created when you scrub your face, neck or body with the mitt lifts the dirt, grime and impurities off your skin, cleaning and unclogging your pores. Exfoliating with the MicrodermaMitt stimulates collagen formation, which helps firm and tone your skin.

MicrodermaMitts for Your Whole Body

Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from exfoliation. The best exfoliating mitt, the MicrodermaMitt, is hypoallergenic and dermatologist recommended. Specially designed for use on your face and décolleté areas, the MicrodermaMitt Face Mitt is coarse enough to lift the impurities from your skin, but gentle enough that it does not leave your face feeling raw or inflamed. Made for daily use, the ZitMit helps prevent acne and treat breakouts.

Best Exfoliating Body Mitt

MicrodermaMitt Body Mitt

The thickest, most abrasive exfoliating MicrodermaMitt is the Body Mitt.
Designed only for use on your body skin, it flakes and rolls dead skin cells and other impurities right off your body, revealing a silkier, more touchable skin.