Exfoliating Glove Uses

The process of exfoliation entails scrubbing the surface of the epidermis to remove the flaky old skin on it. A common skin cleansing process that has long established its effectiveness, more and more people are now using it as part of their health and wellness routines.

The process itself is actually simple enough. All you need to do is take an exfoliating mitt and gently brush it against your skin’s surface. Rub the skin in a circular motion for optimal efficiency. This helps ensure that all the old skin cells are properly brushed off.

This article seeks to shed some light on the process of skin exfoliation. It also delves into the different uses of your exfoliating glove.

Primary Purpose of Exfoliating Gloves

It is common knowledge that our skin is there primarily to serve as our protection from the sun. That is why, like other parts of the body, it must be kept in the best shape possible. You may not realize it but our body needs help from time to time. This is exactly what exfoliation does. It helps get rid of old skin while also encouraging the dermis to produce new skin cells.

On top of keeping your skin healthy, exfoliating gloves can also be used to keep your skin fresh and vibrant. Everyone wants soft and supple skin. With regular use, this is exactly what you can get you’re your exfoliating gloves.

Of course, it should be mentioned here that while there are other ways to exfoliate your skin, these gloves are still your safest choice. Using these gloves is certainly better than getting a skin peel. With these, at least you do not have to deal with the risks burning your facial skin.

Different Ways to Use Exfoliating Gloves

You may not realize it but there is actually more than one way to use these gloves. This is because they can be used both for your face and your body. While the process of exfoliating generally stays the same, there are subtle differences when you use your gloves for your face as opposed to when you are using it for your body.

  • Facial Use – It is perfectly safe for you to perform regular facial exfoliation. However, we highly recommend that you do it on a weekly basis. Needless to say, before you start scrubbing, you have to get your face nice and wet first. Scratching your face with the gloves when it isn’t wet can hurt. You need to pay close attention to the T-Zone and the area around the nose. These patches of skin are usually where oil accumulates. It is also where one can commonly find the build-up of dry skin flakes.
  • Body Use – Equally important is body skin exfoliation. We highly recommend that you do this while in the shower as the water will help soften the skin, making the process much easier. Give particular attention to dark spots in the skin.

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