Exfoliating Mitt How to Use

Exfoliating mitts are steadily gaining popularity in many circles today. They are a vital tool for self-care and personal hygiene, so this hardly comes as a surprise to anyone. With more and more people using them, one can only expect a significant improvement in people’s skin health.

However, despite its recent surge in popularity, it seems people are still confused regarding the proper use of this product. This article seeks to remedy that by giving users a quick guide on how to correctly use their exfoliating mitts. It also gives readers an overview of the benefits that this product brings for your skin.

Understanding How Exfoliation Works

Despite its medical-sounding name, exfoliation is actually rather simple. It entails the removal dead cells from the skin's surface. Doing so helps encourage new skin to grow, thus improving its appearance and preventing pores from clogging and acne breaking out.

On top of that, it also directly combats the signs of aging. This is because as dead skin cells buildup on the surface, your skin starts to look dull and damaged. Getting rid of these old cells encourages the rejuvenation and the renewal of healthy skin.

How to Use Your Exfoliating Mitt

As you may well know, these exfoliating mitts are designed to be used with or without exfoliant scrubs. It can be used on virtually every part of the user’s body. However, they are become especially useful when you apply them on the broader areas of the body like your legs, back, and torso.

Now, readers must understand that not all exfoliating gloves are made the same. So, it is vital that you choose the right one for your needs. Pay close attention to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, then it would probably be best to choose a pair that is not too rough. In addition to this, it is also important that you ensure that the gloves fit your hands comfortably. They cannot be too tight as the gloves will constrict when wet, so be sure to get a pair of your size.

Now, when using your gloves, it is vital that you wet them with warm water first. You can also apply water on your skin beforehand for better results. If you want, you may apply some exfoliating scrub on your gloves or some soap. Add more water to form a rich lather.

Once that is done, you can proceed to massage your skin gently. You cannot press too hard as you are wearing rough gloves. However, you need to be firm enough to scrub away the dead skin cells and encourage blood flow. Do not forget to move your hands over the skin in a tight circular motion. Make sure that you rinse your gloves often during exfoliation. This is so that the dead skin cells you scrubbed are washed away along with the other dirt and debris.

Buying Your Own Pair

If you want to effectively promote healthy skin, then you would surely need a pair of your own exfoliating mitts.

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