The Hammam Ritual

The Hammam Ritual for Replenished Skin Texture and Longevity

The common American will not have heard about the Hammam ritual, but our modern bathing rituals owe similarity with the Hammam.

The Origin of the Hammam Ritual

We think of bathing as a private activity. Before the advent of modern plumbing methodologies, we had the hammam, a public bath with steam. In the Middle East, the hammam played a central role for centuries in promoting personal hygiene. It’s almost like a sauna.

The public bath culture was common with Romans, and when it conquered the Middle-East, they combined their bathing rituals with that of the Middle-Eastern methods and gave us what we call Hammam today. With time, the hammam was made accessible to everyone.

The Turkish bath is all about pampering the body with steam and natural soap and massaging from head to toe to clean the body off dry skin cells. This unique exfoliation method encourages blood circulation, keeps the skin wrinkle-free and makes the skin look replenished and healthy.

What is MicrodermaMitt®?

MicrodermaMitt® was founded by Judy Nural in 2004 to solve the lack of adequate exfoliating spa treatments and products in the USA. In 1990, Judy experienced the wonder of the Turkish ritual and was mesmerized with the way her skin felt after the spa experience. She felt like pounds of dry skin just unloaded from her skin and the application of pure olive oil soap made her skin glow.

Returning to the USA, she searched for the spa to recreate the experience but never found one. Hence, with her 29+ years of experience in research and product development, she created the MicrodermaMitt® brand, which is a special collection of mitts that emulate the spa experience thoroughly.

MicrodermaMitt® Hammam Ritual Kit

MicrodermaMitt® offers its exclusive hammam ritual set - lavender for consumers to experience the magic of the Turkish hammam in the comforts of their home. The hammam ritual kits are designed for all skin types. The kit contains:

Hammam Ritual Set Unscented

  1. Body mitt
  2. Face mitt
  3. Makeup remover
  4. Olive face and body oil
  5. 100% olive oil cleansing bar

This kit is also available as Hammam Ritual Set-Unscented, so consumers can purchase on the basis of their preferences.
This kit also contains:

Hammam Ritual Set Unscented

  1. Body mitt
  2. Face mitt
  3. Makeup remover
  4. Olive face and body oil
  5. 100% olive oil cleansing bar

Both of the are recommended by dermatologists, and it is hypoallergic, that is, you won’t get any skin allergic to using the MicrodermaMitt® products.

MicrodermaMitt® Hammam Ritual Benefits

Indulge in the wondrous experience of the hammam ritual for the following benefits.

1. Detox

Along with the benefits of modern living, we also experience its harmful effects like pollution, excessive use of processed food, stress, tension and what not. All this begins to weigh on us physically and emotionally. The Turkish hammam is a holistic experience that helps you to relax deeply, allowing the anxiety and stress to melt away.

2. Supple Body

We shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute! However, it doesn’t mean that all dead skin cells fall off automatically. As we age, the process slow and we need external help to retain a supple body. The Turkish hammam helps to remove all dead skin cells from the body and unclog the pores. It lets the skin breath, produce collagen and make the skin supple.

Additionally, unclogging the pores helps to fight acne. Acne happens when pores get clogged, and oil secretion becomes unregulated. It also helps to fight acne and removes blemishes from the skin with time.

3. Anti-Aging

Yes, you cannot reverse the ageing process, but it is in our hands to make the skin look lively, healthy, and wrinkle-free as long as possible. Regular Turkish spa baths help to tone and firm the skin.

It helps to improve skin elasticity and helps it to breathe. Unclogged skin pores speed up the production of collagen, which helps to keep our skin firm and healthy, and wrinkle-free for long. Our Turkish hammam ritual provides you with essential vitamins and minerals.
Natural Hammam Ritual Products

4. Sleep Better

Do not take our word for it!
Experience the Turkish hammam ritual once, and you can see the change the same night – you will sleep like a baby. Our body continues to function when we sleep and when we sleep after a hammam bath, the body rejuvenates. You get stress-free sleep. It improves blood circulation.

5. Mind and Body Connection

The Hammam ritual is also about balancing the energy flow in the body. Often, we experience pain in joints or a muscle spasm, and the reason is always wrong energy flow that blocks our body mechanism. The hammam makes you feel more energized and in the balance of your body. It soothes muscle pain and rheumatism.
In the end, the hammam ritual relaxes, rejuvenates and replenishes you.

Hammam Ritual at Home

What to do after buying the MicrodermaMitt® hammam collection? Here you go:

  1. Keep the products ready in the bathroom. Use the Makeup Remover to completely wipe away any makeup on the skin.
  2. Turn on the steam 10-minutes before entering and run the hot water bath. What we mean is that the bathroom should be full of steam when you enter. Sit in the hot water tub for 15 minutes and let the steam moisten and soften the skin.
  3. Start applying the 100% Olive Oil Cleansing Bar on your body. Rub it from feet to shoulder in light circular movement. Don’t rush it. Love your body.
  4. Now, you need to exfoliate the skin. Put on the body mitt and wet it with warm water. Start rubbing it on your body in spiralling movement. Do not hurry; take your time. Use the face mitt the same way. This will remove all the dead skin cells and reduce cellulite. It will also help to improve blood circulation to your arms and legs.
  5. Once you’re satisfied, wash the mitts in warm water and keep it aside for drying. Wash your body with warm water. You can see the dry skin cells coagulating on the floor in lumps! Dry yourself with a clean towel.
  6. Pour few drops of Olive Face & Body Oil and apply it evenly on the skin. Exit the bathroom.

You can feel the change in your skin tone and texture from the first bath itself.