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Ichthyosis Treatment

There are many different ailments, which can negatively impact a human being. Unfortunately, some of these directly impact the skin. Ichthyosis is a devastating disorder, which is generally passed along through genetics. This ailment is very similar to psoriasis and other skin rashes, as it turns the skin into a flaky mess. And of course, Ichthyosis treatment is unique in its own right. Within this guide, you will learn more about the ailment and its possible rectifications.
What many people fail to realize is that there are actually many different types of ichthyosis. The various classifications are distinguishable based on their appearance and the underlying genetic cause. And, it's vital to remember that the symptoms and severity of the disease can vary as well. This can make the condition very difficult to treat without a visit to a medical professional. In general, most physicians will be able to diagnose the aliment with a quick examination of the skin. And of course, since the disease is genetically transferred, an inspection of your family history will prove to be very important.

Possible Symptoms

Although the symptoms can deviate slightly from one form of ichthyosis to another, the symptoms are very similar. They tend to include dry and scaly skin. In some cases, the scales might become brown or dirty gray. For your consideration, the other symptoms will be found below.

  • Very painful cracks within the skin
  • Scaly and flaky skin
  • White, gray or brown scales

This condition will be very visible on the skin and it can quickly become very painful. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to take action as quickly as possible. First though, it is essential to find the underlying cause.

Potential Causes

As mentioned above, there are numerous causes of this condition. Before you can find a reliable solution, it is essential to find the underlying cause. This will generally require a consultation with your primary physician. Nonetheless, the potential causes will be provided below for your consideration.

  • Cancer
  • Too much protein in the patient’s skin
  • A genetic mutation
  • Cancer and thyroid diseases

Again, it is vital to discover the underlying cause, before you can find a reliable solution. It is impossible to do this without speaking with a doctor.


Some people believe that sunlight can be an effective Ichthyosis treatment. This isn’t necessarily the case. The truth of the matter is sunlight can be a double-edged sword. In some cases, sunlight will actually worsen the condition, but it can also provide relief to some.

Tropical Creams

If you speak with a medical professional, they’ll examining your condition and most likely provide you with a tropical cream. Generally, the most effective creams are those that contain lactic acids. This chemical has proven to be effective time and time again. Two other potential treatments include retinoids and propylene glycol. Just remember that it is best to speak with a medical professional, before utilizing these chemicals on your skin! They will be able to provide you with the best recommendation.

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Exfoliating Mitts

The MDMitt Ichthyosis Exfoliating Body Mitt specifically designed for those with Ichthyosis, exfoliates deeply to remove your dead skin scales easily and thoroughly with just water. Your skin will instantly look and feel smoother and healthier. The MDMitt is made of 100% natural floss silk.

  • Stimulates blood flow for better circulation
  • Stimulates collagen production, promoting healthier and smoother looking skin
  • Use daily or as needed
  • Apply moisturizer after each use

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How to Use:

  1. Soak in very warm bath for at least 5-10 minutes.
  2. Stand up out of water and with damp Mitt begin rubbing up and down and side to side with as much pressure as comfortable. Skin cells should clump together and roll off easily.
  3. Continue until fresh skin appears.