5 Essential Travel Beauty Tips

5 Essential Travel Beauty Tips

The changes in temperature and humidity can cause severe damage to your skin. However, dermatology experts have come together to find solutions for each unique beauty condition, and here is a breakdown of a few of them.

  1. Minimal makeup

Many travel accidents occur with mascara, eyelashes, and foundation during a trip due to the close quarters and dry air waiting to wreak havoc on your skin. Your full makeup will not look as fresh as before the flight. Therefore, consider using tinted moisturizer and lip balm for a bit of color, then do your entire makeup once you land.

- Always bring along one of Microdermamitts’ makeup removers.

  1. Use sunscreen

The closer you get to the equator, the hotter the sun rays and the risk of getting sunburn. Sunburns are a significant nuisance as they take longer to heal and are pretty painful. If your flight passes the equator, consider applying sunscreen prior, as you can get burned 3000 feet above. Also, summer is around the corner. If you plan to travel, consider buying products with sunscreen on them.

- Remember to always cover your lips when under the sun with a lip treatment. You don't want your lips to look like the Kalahari Desert.

  1. Have a ready to go makeup kit

With the minimal makeup done and the possible nap, you may take, pack a few necessities in your purse so that you can touch up your makeup before landing. If you have oily skin, pack a few rice papers or blotting paper which you can dab on your skin to remove excess oil and shine without affecting your moisturizer.

- On the other hand, ensure that your entire makeup kit is packed in cargo if you're traveling outside your country since makeup is expensive.

- Decant all your makeup to fit airport regulations.

- Protect your makeup bottles by wrapping them in a cloth and storing them in the center of your suitcase to avoid breakage.

  1. Do an entire skincare routine the day before you travel.

Apply intense moisturizer before bed the last night before your flight. These will keep your skin hydrated and help it withstand the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure. Also, get your beauty rest both before and during the trip. Falling asleep willy-nilly on a flight isn't the best for your skin. 

- The complete routine care doesn't end there. Avoid touching your skin with your hands to protect it from bacteria from an unknown surface. Bacteria can cause unforeseen problems.

- Before reapplying your makeup before you land, clean your hands first using an antibacterial hand wash to protect your skin further.

  1. Use cream/oils

Your beauty is not only on your face. Beauty extends to every part of your body. Maximize using a rich body oil by Microdermamitt throughout your trip. This will keep your body moisturized and protect against the sun's rays or harsh chemicals that you may encounter throughout your trip. 

In conclusion, always be conscious of your destination while packing your beauty products. Temperature and humidity can sometimes affect the outcome of makeup. Your itinerary also impacts your selection as an adventure tourist, and a nightlife lover cannot use the same beauty products.