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How the MicrodermaMitt exfoliating mitt was discovered

The Hammam, also know as the Turkish Bath is probably the oldest surviving bath tradition in the world. This centuries old cleansing ritual thoroughly removes the top layer of dead cells as it helps detox and purify the skin. Today Hammams are once again popping up all over the world due to their many skin benefits.

Judy Nural, the President and founder of MicrodermaMitt, Inc first introduced the MicrodermaMitt exfoliating mitt in late 2004. She was obsessed with the idea of providing smooth and healthy skin for life. Judy took advantage of her product development, consumer research skills and marketing background to market the ultimate in skin care.

It was while she was still living in Turkey and had visited the Turkish Hammam that she noticed that her skin looked and felt different. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She had her body exfoliated from head to toe and washed with pure olive oil soap. This time, she noticed that apart from feeling that she had shed like five pounds of dead skin, she also felt that her skin was totally different and glowing like a baby’s skin. It looked and felt so smooth and radiant.

This led her to look for a something that would give her a similar experience back in the United States. Unfortunately, there was nothing. She had tried almost all the latest exfoliating spa treatments and products but none could be compared to what she experienced in Turkey. This is when she decided to bring this special treatment of exfoliation back home. With this method, people like her are going to enjoy a natural method of deep exfoliation that delivers extraordinary results.

Judy took advantage of her 30 years of product development, consumer research and marketing background with major U.S companies to create and test various products with consumers throughout the country. Her first test was in Cincinnati. This was a huge challenge considering the fact that back in 2004, exfoliation was a strange word that no one knew at all.

How the MicrodermaMitt exfoliating mitt was first brought to market

Later on, she took her product to California since people here were more open and trendsetters for the rest of the country. Even so, at this time, exfoliation and its benefits was still a strange term to most people. In order to create more awareness, she went ahead and started to show off her products at Tradeshows throughout the country. She had her first show in January 2006 in Los Angeles which was the largest Spa & Medical Expo in the country. It was there that Spa Finder Magazine chose the exfoliating mitt MicrodermaMitt as the best new product. And the rest is history.