5 Skincare Trends You Don't Want To Miss For Spring

5 Skincare Trends You Don't Want To Miss For Spring

It's time to embrace the vibrancy and warmth of springtime. We not only observe these fresh changes in our environment as new buds start to bloom, but many of us make these refinements to our wardrobes, diet and outer appearance as well. Take, for instance, your skin.

After a long, dry, cold winter, it's time for renewal and to prepare your face and body for the warmer months ahead. Our beauty experts are sharing some of their favorite skincare trends for spring that will help you look flawless and brand new.

  1. Manual Exfoliation

If you desire ageless skin from head to toe, then, exfoliation is key, especially after the winter season, which leaves all of us with a build-up of dry, dead skin cells. You can apply chemical exfoliation, but often, many people develop inflamed skin that is dry and prone to breakouts because of the harsh ingredients involved.

The other method is natural and called physical or manual exfoliation, which leaves you in control and delivers radiant, smooth skin when done with the proper beauty tools. A MicrodermaMitt and water do an incredible job of removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores and leaving behind soft, touchable skin.

  1. Ice Rolling

Here's another skincare trend to consider this spring. It's known as cryotherapy or ice rolling and is designed to calm, soothe and tighten the skin. The ice rolling device is placed in the freezer and used on cleansed skin while gently being rolled across the face.

The device glides onto the skin and can get rid of puffy eyes, improve dark circles, soothe red skin and tighten pores. Some women and men say that an ice rolling device wakes you up in the morning and even helps alleviate sinus congestion.

  1. Red Light Therapy

A smooth, clear complexion is something everyone will all want, and red light therapy can get you there. This handheld gadget is made with red light energy, and you can feel the warmth from the wand's head as it soothes your skin.

Red light therapy is excellent for fighting acne, brightening the complexion and softening the appearance of fine lines and light acne scars.

  1. Retinol Body Lotion

We're used to seeing retinol made for the face, but one of the new trends is applying retinol developed for the skin on your body. Retinol is the non-prescription, derivative of vitamin A that encourages the production of fresh collagen and thickens the dermis to improve sagging skin.

Retinol for the body acts, in the same way, to balance skin tone, smooth the surface and keep it looking youthful.

  1. Lightweight Moisturizer

With the spring season upon us, temperatures warm up, and there's more moisture in the air. Your skin doesn't need thick, over-nourishing, occlusive creams.

Instead, look for delicate moisturizers that feature goat's milk, for instance. This type of formula offers an impressive, lightweight barrier for the complexion.

When it comes to skincare, you have tons of options available, but a huge arsenal of pricey lotions and beauty devices aren't necessary. These five are all you need for gorgeous skin when you are welcoming in spring.