5 Tips for Avoiding Dry Skin The Colder Seasons

5 Tips for Avoiding Dry Skin The Colder Seasons

It's that time of year again when the temperature steadily drops, and those winter blues kick in. If you're battling dry skin, it's time to switch up your moisturizing routine with these 5 tips:

  • Use a moisturizer after washing.
  • Exfoliate regularly.
  • Use a humidifier near your bed.
  • Hydrate throughout the day.
  • Include occlusives in your skincare routine.

Use A Moisturizer After Washing

You're probably already applying a moisturizer after every shower, but did you know it is possible to overdo it? Leaving your skin too hydrated can cause it to lose its natural protection, leading to even drier skin. Instead, opt for a daily body lotion after your morning shower for both your face and body.

Exfoliate Regularly

Just like you can use your MicrodermaMitt exfoliating face mitt on your face to remove dead skin cells and excess oil, you can do the same to your whole body. If you're still battling dryness, it may be time to consider adding a MicrodermaMitt kit to your routine at least twice a week to help eradicate dry skin cells.

Use A Humidifier Near Your Bed

If you're not already using a humidifier in your bedroom, then now is the time to switch it up! A humidifier ensures enough moisture in the air to prevent your skin from getting dried out, leading to a non-frizzy, moisturized appearance.

Hydrate Throughout The Day

Now is the perfect time to hydrate if you are still struggling with dry skin this winter. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day ensures that your skin stays hydrated and never feels dry.

Include Occlusives To Your Skincare Routine

Regarding moisturizers, there are two main types: surfactants and occlusives. You must include an occlusive in your daily routine for those battling dry skin. Occlusives create a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping, which means that your skin stays hydrated for longer.

Travel Beauty Tips

Finish your beauty appointment prior

Pack your face and body MicrodermaMitt kits.

Remember to carry your moisturizer and sunscreen.


The fall season comes with its own set of challenges for the skin. Fall is associated with damage from summers, such as dry skin and lips. The cold winter can bring about even more dryness than other seasons. By properly utilizing these 5 tips for avoiding dry skin, you can comfortably make your beautiful skin glow all year round. Remember to include MicrodermaMitt exfoliating kits in your routine, and check out our selection of skin care products.

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