How Many Products Should You Really Be Using In Your Skincare Routine?

How Many Products Should You Really Be Using In Your Skincare Routine?

It has also made it difficult to define the right product for your skin. Using many products can irritate your skin or cause you to develop allergies. For this reason, you should consider keeping things simple and using minimal products. Read on to learn more about the number of products you should incorporate into your skincare routine.

The length of your skincare routine depends on your skin issues and the amount of product your skin can tolerate. However, sunscreen, cleanser, and moisturizer provide a solid foundation for a standard regimen. Here are the steps to include in your regimen.


Exfoliating your skin at least once a week stimulates collagen production and removes the dead skin and impurities. Exfoliators also absorb excess oil and improve the effectiveness of other skincare products in your regimen. Our MicrodermaMitts will help you achieve and maintain a smooth, healthier, and radiant skin.


A good cleanser eliminates impurities, dirt, and excess oil clogging your pores or causing skin dullness. The right type of cleanser depends on your skin type. However, sulfate and soap-free cleansers are the best because they are gentle and PH-balanced. These features enable them to clear the skin without stripping it.

For oily skin, consider using a gel or foaming cleanser. On the other hand, cream formula with various hydrating ingredients is an excellent choice for dry skin. Women with acne-prone skin should use gentle foaming cleansers containing acne-fighting ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide.


Double-cleansing involves applying an oil-based cleaner and removing it with a water-based cleanser. It helps to remove oil, makeup, or any other product from the skin.


This is a water-based liquid that refreshes your skin, gives it additional active ingredients, and ensures that it is clean. Apply it using your fingers, a piece of cloth, or a cotton ball.


Serums address various complexion issues, such as dark spots and wrinkles, and protect the skin from damage that free radicals cause. They also improve the skin’s texture and firmness. Pat several drops on your face and neck region.

Eye Cream

The eye area is delicate and ages faster than other areas of the face. Applying eye cream creates firmness and prevents dark circles, wrinkles, and undereye bags.


This skincare product hydrates your skin and keeps it soft. The right type of moisturizer depends on your skin type. For instance, gel and lotion moisturizers are appropriate for oily skin, while cream moisturizers are suitable for dry skin. People with eczema or acne should apply topical medicine before applying the moisturizer.


Wearing sunscreen with a sun protection element protects the skin from sun damage and prevents premature aging.

In summary, the number of skincare products you include in your skincare routine and the order in which you apply them matters. It is advisable to keep your skincare routine simple and to pay attention to the ingredients in each item.