How To Remove Self-Tanner and Spray Tans

How To Remove Self-Tanner and Spray Tans

Self-tanners work by binding with the hydroxyl groups in your skin to create a chemical reaction that causes your skin to darken and tan faster than usual. You can use self-tanners as a DIY alternative or visit a professional who will do it for you, but either way, they’re not going to smell great afterward. So how do you remove your self-tanner after your vacation is over? The good news is that most self-tanners are water-soluble and easily wash off with soap and water. Here’s how to get rid of spray tans, wash off self-tanner, and prevent future bugs from ruining your next getaway:

  1. Baby Oil

Baby oil is the best way to remove self-tanner from your skin. The oil will soften the tanning agent and loosen it from your skin. You can use baby oil to remove all types of self-tanners, but avoid using it on the tips of your fingers or toes. It’s best to use baby oil on larger areas such as arms or legs. You can also apply baby oil with a damp cloth and rub it gently, but ensure you wash it off immediately after use.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol can remove spray tans and self-tanners from your skin. Apply to rub Alcohol to a cotton ball, then rub it onto your skin. Rinse it off with water and pat dry before applying lotion or moisturizer. You can also use rubbing Alcohol on bug bites and other areas of your skin that have been affected by self-tanner.

  1. A Steroid Cream

A steroid cream can be used to remove self-tanners from your skin. These creams are available over the counter at most drugstores, and they work by reducing the production of melanin in your skin. They also help to heal damaged skin caused by self-tanner. Before applying a steroid cream, wash off all traces of self-tanner with soap and water, then use a small amount of lotion or moisturizer over the top. Ensure you keep applying it until the cream or moisturizer completely covers all marks left by the tanning agent.

  1. Lotions & Moisturizers

If you’ve tried using baby oil or rubbing alcohol, but it didn’t work for removing spray tans and self-tanners from your skin, try using products that contain moisturizers instead! Some moisturizers contain ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and even alpha hydroxy acids that can help remove tanning agents from your skin naturally without any harmful side effects. If these products don’t work for removing spray tans and self-tanners from your skin after trying them one time, try another brand until you find one that works best for you.

  1. Exfoliating Mitts

Exfoliation mitts are a great way to remove self-tanner from your skin. They are made from 100-percent floss fibers to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. Use them on your arms, legs, or anywhere else you have a self-tanner. Afterward, apply lotion or moisturizer to soothe your dry skin. Get younger, smoother, and more radiant skin with self-tanner removal mitts. They come with various exfoliation mitts such as Exfoliating Face Mitt, Exfoliating Body Mitt, and Exfoliating Foot Mitt.

  1. A Pool, Hot Tub, or Sauna

If you regularly apply self-tanner, you can use your pool, hot tub, or sauna to remove the tan. The heat from these bodies of water will help loosen the tanning agent on your skin and make it easy to wash off with soap and water. When using a hot tub, ensure you don’t get any chemicals in the water that will damage your skin.

If trying to remove self-tanner from your skin, it’s important not to scrub or rub the tanning agent into your skin too hard and always apply moisturizer afterward. You can also try to use a steroid cream, which is a cream that reduces the production of melanin in your skin naturally. Washing off all traces of spray tan and self-tanner with soap and water before applying moisturizer is also very important.