How To Use Body Scrub for Silky Smooth Skin

How To Use Body Scrub for Silky Smooth Skin

Without the help of exfoliation, our skin has a tough time maintaining radiance and glow. If you want to incorporate an exfoliation routine, you might be wondering what the most effective options are. 

Body scrubs are an excellent way to renew the look of dull skin without causing any redness or irritation. So, what is the right to use a scrub to reap the benefits? 

Keep reading this simple guide to finding out why body scrubs are the best option for silky, smooth skin, how to correctly use scrubs, and body scrub alternatives you can try instead.

How Do I Properly Use A Body Scrub? 

Adding a body scrub to your skincare routine is simple and effective in aiding in the appearance of beautiful, healthy skin and also upgrades your self-care routine. 

If you have skin sensitivities, always check the ingredients list to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the granules in the body scrub. The skin on the legs, back, or arms is less sensitive to exfoliation than areas like the face, neck, or pubic area. 

Dampen Your Scrub

When you select your perfect scrub, incorporate it into your next shower or bath. Use warm water to dampen the area and let your skin soften before starting your body scrub routine. 

When you’re ready to use your scrub, scoop the desired amount to the palm of your hand and begin to buff gently in circular motions until the sugar granules disappear or in about 30 seconds, so you don’t over-exfoliate and irritate the skin.

Rinse off the entirety of the product and moisturize as soon as you’re done bathing.  

Keep in mind that on days that you exfoliate the skin with a body scrub, you may want to avoid using any other products on the skin, such as body wash, because it may cause dryness in some skin types. 

Always use warm water as opposed to hot water. Hot water can strip and damage the skin. Softening your skin with warm water beforehand will help the benefits of exfoliation. 

Apply gentle pressure

Scrubbing skin too hard can damage tissue and also strip your skin of much-needed oils. If you feel any pain or discomfort, lighten the pressure. 

It’s okay if the first scrub you try isn’t for you. Trial and error are key when finding the perfect body scrub for your skin type and needs. 

Always listen to your skin

Always scrub before you shave. If it feels tight or dry, skip the body scrub that week. Scrub upwards, towards your heart, to increase circulation in the body. 

Start at the body of your body, and continue to work your way up. 

Use The Right Products

Avoid microbeads at all costs. Not only will they potentially harm your skin, but they are also a large contributor to pollution and microplastics in the environment. Consider products like body mitts as well, which can reduce the micro skin tears that can be caused by some body scrubs.

How Often You Should Use a Body Scrub

Depending on your skin type, the amount of times you can use a body scrub per week can differ. For instance, if you have a sensitive skin type, you may develop dryness or irritation if you exfoliate more than once per week. 

Oily skin types can usually get away with using a body scrub about three to four times per week. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with a small patch to test if the scrub is right for you, then if your skin is happy with it, use that body scrub once per week and add frequency as needed. 

If your skin is hypersensitive, it could be beneficial to consult a dermatologist if using a body scrub is right for you. 

Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Making a body scrub at home is easy and just as effective as store-bought body scrubs. 

Coffee Body Scrub

If you are a coffee lover, you’re going to love the smell of this body scrub. Mix coffee grounds, sugar, and honey for a thicker consistency scrub. Add in coconut oil for a thinner consistency and added moisture. 

Using honey is great for the skin because it is a humectant, which means that it protects the skin barrier and keeps it from losing needed moisture. 

Sugar Scrub 

Mix ½ cup of brown sugar and ½ cup olive oil. This scrub is nourishing and simple. Add essential oils such as lavender to enhance this scrub. 

Salt scrub 

Mix ½ cup of sea salt and ½ cup of jojoba oil for a scrub that nourishes and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. 

Alternatives to Body Scrubs: Why Use A Body Mitt Instead

There are several reasons why you should consider using a body mitt as an alternative to body scrubs. For starters, there are a lot of daily stressors that impact the skin’s appearance.

Brightens The Skin

For instance, dead skin cells build up and cause the look of dullness. The environment can impact radiance because of the increasing levels of pollution in some areas, and lastly, stress and tension can also contribute to skin’s lackluster appearance. 

Dead skin cells are the biggest contributor to the look of dull skin. Body mitts like MicrodermaMitt  work to buff away the first layer of dead skin cells that are keeping new ones from replacing them. 

Refreshes The Skin

The gentle buffing of a mitt helps remove any dry skin and refreshes to promote the look of glowing, brightened, and radiant skin. Body scrubs can also aid in reducing the appearance of blemishes, acne, and dark spots.

Better Absorption

Because the body typically goes through most of the daily motions like working, cleaning, exercising, or other physical activities, it may require a refreshing scrub to remove build-up. 

Areas like the elbows, knees, and neck also need a boost in their absorption of products such as moisturizers. 

Absorption is a big reason why you should consider using a body scrub. If you spend time applying skincare products to the skin, you want to make sure your skin is actually using the ingredients to appear healthier and brighter. 

Buffing away the first layer of dead skin cells helps the skin absorb products deeper into the epidermis. This, in turn, will help your skin look beautiful and radiant much faster and with much less product. 

Reduces The Appearance of Blemishes 

Using body scrubs on the body helps the look of skin in other ways too. If you use scrubs before shaving, it can help diminish or eliminate the appearance of blemishes such as razor bumps and ingrown hairs. 

This is because it clears the way for the razor to get its closest shave and stands the hair at attention so that you don’t miss any spots.  

Boost Relaxation 

Body scrubs typically aid in the feeling of relaxation. In addition to the sensation of gentle, circular scrubbing that can help you feel like you’re buffing the stresses away, it can also have fragrances and essential oils in the scrub that make it like a luxurious spa experience. 

On Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Whether you choose to use a body scrub or a body mitt weekly, you can achieve the look of beautiful, radiant skin. After all, brushing your skin can loosen dead skin cells and buff them away to resurface newer skin cells that help you achieve the glowy look.. 

To reap the benefits of this routine, beware of over-exfoliation. Sugars, salts, oats, and coffee grounds are some examples of great ingredients found in body scrubs that can help remove the look of dry skin and keep it smooth and blemish-free after shaving. 

Starting off using a body scrub or body mitt once a week can be all you need to see the changes in your skin. Some skin types can exfoliate up to three or four times a week but always start slow and increase the frequency to avoid any skin irritation or dryness. 

If you have any skin conditions that may not work well with body scrubs or body mitts, check with your dermatologist on specific ingredients you may want to avoid or how often your skin can tolerate exfoliation.

For more information on skincare and tips that enhance the appearance of the skin, check out our blog for more articles. 



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