Use Exfoliating Mitts To Get Rid Of Strawberry Skin

Use Exfoliating Mitts To Get Rid Of Strawberry Skin

When the weather begins to warm each spring, high-waisted shorts and sundresses start to turn up everywhere. While so many are enjoying the sun and showing off their legs, a lot of people stick to jeans and leggings all summer to cover up undesirable skin conditions. One of these is called strawberry legs, which forms dark spots on the skin that look like strawberry seeds. Luckily, this condition can be easily prevented with regular exfoliating.

What is Strawberry Legs?

The black spots that give strawberry legs its colorful name are actually hair folicles or pores in the legs that become enlarged and eventually clogged. This occurs because oil and dead skin, which accumulate on our skin all the time, can collect in pores and hair folicles during the shaving process. Over time, these clogged pores or hair folicles turn into these black spots. This is actually the exact same process that causes blackheads to pop up on your face.

Exfoliation is the Best Treatment

According to dermatologists, the best way to prevent and treat strawberry legs is by regularly exfoliating the skin in that area. There are two different methods for exfoliation, physical and chemical. While chemical exfoliants use gentle compounds to remove oil and dead skin, physical exfoliation is done by manually rubbing an object against the skin. This can be done with a dry brush prior to bathing or in the shower just before shaving.

The MicrodermaMitt Exfoliating Mitt

Skin care experts suggest using an exfoliating mitt, which is a simple cloth glove with a slightly rough surface, in the shower in order to prevent buildup that can cause strawberry legs. At MicrodermaMitt, we make the very best exfoliating mitt that provides deep exfoliating and cleaning using only water. This mitt is inspired by the cloths and exfoliating process that is part of the traditional Turkish Hammams baths. This ancient ritual includes deep exfoliation of the skin, which completely removes that oil and dead skin that can cause those unsightly black spots, as well as promoting healthy skin all over the body. The MicrodermaMitt makes this tradition available to everyone all over the world!