Why You Should Exfoliate Your Body

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Body

Exfoliation is a must for healthy, radiant skin. Exfoliating your body removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. In short, a regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and feeling soft!

Regular exfoliation can also stimulate collagen production and improve the skin's texture, instantly,  keeping the skin looking plump, tight, and young. Exfoliating your body is so important and it will make your skin look and feel healthier.

If you suffer from Keratosis Pilaris or “chicken skin” (little red bumps on your wrms, legs or buttocks), exfoliation can help reduce the appearance of KP and smooth the texture of your skin. 

More benefits of exfoliation include:

  • Helps rejuvenate the skin, improving circulation and skin cell turnover
  • Removes dead cells improving the skin's surface
  • Smoothes and softens dry, rough skin
  • Draws out impurities in the skin, leaving it healthier 
  • Helps prevent painful ingrown hairs and smoothes razor bumps

And exfoliation doesn’t just help skin look younger. It also helps with the general health of your body’s skin. A  regular exfoliation routine can help prevent body acne and blemishes caused by clogged pores. 

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How to Exfoliate Your Body

- To exfoliate, using the MicrodermaMitt, first soak your body in a shower or bath.    This helps loosen the skin and prepare it for exfoliation.

-Next, wet the Mitt, then wring it out so it is damp, not soaking wet. 

-Step out of the shower or bath before you start exfoliating. You don’t want to be in or underwater when exfoliating. It’s ok if the skin is a little wet, but you want some friction between your skin and the mitt. You may need to experiment with how damp your skin should be for optimal exfoliation.

- Start to gently rub in long strokes, first up and down and then side to side. Avoid scrubbing too hard until you know how much pressure your skin can tolerate. And don’t forget about sensitive areas like armpits and bikini areas. Exfoliating these areas of your body can help prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. 

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-Everyone’s skin is different. Some will see loads of skin rolling off, while others may not. Regardless of whether you see skin coming off or not, your Mitt IS exfoliating your body. It’s best to focus on how your skin feels after exfoliation rather than what you see on your Mitt.

- You should exfoliate at least once a week. More often if you have dry skin or live in an area with pollution and/or other environmental factors that contribute to premature aging and dulling of the skin.

-Most importantly, finish your exfoliation routine with a good moisturizer. Replenishing your skin with oil or lotion is an effective way to keep your skin well hydrated and healthy after exfoliation.

And here’s a bonus: skin care products penetrate deeper after exfoliation! Exfoliate prior to self tanning and enjoy a longer-lasting, deeper self tan. 

There are so many benefits when you exfoliate your body regularly. Start your exfoliation routine today and enjoy smoother, younger looking skin for life! 

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