Ultra Head to Toe

Ultra Head to Toe

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FACE MITT - Younger, Smoother and more Radiant Skin Instantly! This reusable 100% Natural Face Mitt deeply exfoliates while it gently lifts and removes dead, dry and dull skin cells using only water.

ULTRA BODY MITT – Our deepest exfoliating, the Ultra Body Mitt can help reduce thicker, more stubborn scaly skin that can be hard to treat. It is also recommended for those with keratosis pilaris (red bumps often found on arms, legs and buttocks). 

BACK & BODY SCRUBBER - The MicrodermaMitt Exfoliating Back & Body Scrubber allows you to reach and exfoliate those hard to reach areas such as your back, shoulders, thighs and heels. The Exfoliating Back Strap Body Scrubber exfoliates as it removes dead skin and other impurities trapped in your pores.

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